Oops.. I'm too lazy to fill this now. I'll soon update

I'm me, Arthi Ratna, you knucklehead. By this time you should have known at least my name. It's the name of the site for God sake, DUH!

This is where I write everything that goes inside my head. Is that a pink butterfly? God it's so beautiful. Wait, I'll be right back.

You see? you see? My head is all over the place. I somehow manage to write funny stuff (that's what people tell me) 

If you are around Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India.. Hey there beautiful ;) We are neighbors. 

I am done with my Post graduation in Software Engineering, God only knows how I managed to pass without any backlogs. I'm a typical Brown girl hoping to postpone her arranged marriage by doing some stupid stuff, claiming it's really important for my career. At least that's what my parents think giving me two years time to get my shit together. 

I'm a Software Entrepreneur by day, running Pocket Inc, Coimbatore. Yes, you read that right. I have my own bunch minions in my basement to get the job done.

I use Facebook, of course I don't live in a cave. You can follow me there and on other social medias as well. I have linked everything up there. Honestly, don't be so lazy to even scroll up Ok?

I'm gonna be posting pages from my personal diary below, every now and then. If you are gonna be reading this, Dude you mean the world to be, cos who reads an "About" page unless you really care for the person. I love you! 

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