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Why Saami Maalai

24, Dec 2016

People be like, why spend too much money on AA when you simply can put Saami'ku Maalai 😑
Dei maalai pota thappu panna kudadha? Ila thappu pannama irukanum'na maalai podanuma? Plssh tell me daw


24, Dec 2016

Atrocity is when people get mad if I don't call a Maalai pota guy "Saami" but the same guy on seeing me ride a bike says "watha!!"
Oye No swearing.. Night Saami kannu kuthing 😑

Barbie is jealous

23, Dec 2016

I don't understand how girls be sharing posts and statuses like baby pictures and commenting aww stuffs all over Facebook pretending like they are one hundred percent pretty and cute all the time. Genelia's first cousins.
Gurl stop! You know you were picking your nose and silently farting while posting it. Barbie is jealous that you are more fake than her 😑✨

Birth control - Why us?

17, Dec 2016

Umm why is it always the female who go through birth control procedure & not men? 😑
So you are telling me it's normal for a girl to not only go through menstrual pain, pregnancy trauma and labor pain but to induce more hormones into her body in the name of birth control, but there is not much men can do as a part of it?
When I tried Googling Birth control for men, it said - Condom/Withdrawal 😑
Google to know what CNN had to say. Depression and mood disorders were the reason the study for Men's birth control was stopped 😑 are you kidding me?

P.S: the ones who are gonna say or think I'm a hoe for posting this being unmarried.. Hey hello, Hi5 your mom on my behalf! Thanks #KBye

How to be an Asshole

13, Dec 2016

Exclusive guide: How to be an Asshole

1. When you can't stand a girl being right, assassinate her character 😑✨

2. Find her deepest dark secret, use it against her 😑✨

3. Praise her in private for her imperfection, shame in front of everyone 😑✨

4. Tell her She's awesome for being different, laugh your ass off with your friends mocking the same 😑✨

5. Call her open minded and label her a slut 😑✨

6. Team up with her doing crazy crap and deny everything later 😑✨

7. Hang out, fool around but don't show the world. Mostly, use her and keep her in the dark 😑✨

8. When the whole world is laughing at her, pretend like you've never met her 😑✨

9. Even though She agrees that She's a mess, call her names and stop talking to her 😑✨

10. Finally.. Do not change. Be the asshole you have always been 😑✨

Repeat until every single person She knows calls her a bitch and She gets nothing but suicidal thoughts every single night 😑✨

Congratulations you have now thoroughly become a pain in the ass kinda guy. Thanks.

Girl Problems

06, Aug 2016

When you take a screenshot to bitch about with your best friend and then you accidentally send it to the same person it belongs, That's exactly when you should die!

Dear Diary

04, Jul 2016

Many of you guys who read my blog know me through what I post on social media. I have revamped by entire blog and have decided to use this to show what I truly am and what I stand for rather than just funny stuffs. This is the most life changing decision I have ever taken so far and I am determined to work really hard to achieve my goals. This whole blog is going to be one roller-coaster ride and at the end of which one might either puke or would go around telling people it was one crazy ride. Without any further adieu, here it goes


Fuck my life

22, Jun 2016

My class toppers are earning 6 digits each month. And the ones who always failed big time? Getting a single digit mark or even sometime minus for the worst handwriting.. They do business on their own and earn more than the toppers.

I used to be on the safer side getting decent marks. What am I doing?

Walking around race course road, yelling "Hey Uncle, would you like to buy my kidney? You look like you could use one"

Daddy Dei

19, Jun 2016

Saaptiya ma?
Amma Yenga?
Amma'ku theriyuma?
Ella room'layum yen ma light yeriyudhu?
Keela vilundhiya?
Pathu poga kudadha ma?
The man who knows all the answers in the world yet asks you a million questions and that's the same reason why he is not in your friend list
‪#‎DeiThagappa‬ ‪#‎HappyFathersDay‬ da

Thalli Pogadhe

17, Jun 2016

When we are at a wedding reception waiting in the queue to take pictures with the couple and there is always a Gundu aunty who comes from nowhere and pushes you away & we stand there like an idiot not knowing what to do.. we should start singing..

"Thalli pogadhe.. enayum thalli poga solladhe.."

My Friendship to you

12, Jun 2016

My level of friendship to you depends on whether or not the price tag on a gift stays. If Yes, bitch be glad you got a gift regardless of the price. If it doesn't, I don't want to lose your friendship.

If you haven't really had any gift from me then you my friend are more than a family


Dreams Shattered

09, Jun 2016

When we were kids there used to be at least one elder cousin brother/sister with Super cool gadgets and we always dream about growing up so that we would someday become that cool cousin to the younger kids. Or at least I did.

Here I am sitting with a few kids at a wedding and none, not even one finds me that great. Like for real.. they look at me like "you call that brick a phone? My dad owns a 6S"


Pimping - Level Pro

06, Jun 2016

I find arranged marriages as pimping taken to the next level

Except the pimp decides the list of eligible clients, let's not forget clients of same caste as the pimp, offers money to the interested client in the name of dowry and stops once the girl is taken

Like seriously, get this, parents "decorate" the bride-to-be by forcing her to put on her fake shy face, some makeup, wear saree like she is in a fancy dress competition, add some jewelry and present her with a coffee to offer the "customer's" family and be like

"Hein? Okay?"

I know it's gonna offend a few but let's face it.. y'all know I'm dirty

Bae Redefined

04, Jun 2016

I don't think the word "BAE" is the short version of the word BABE but the Tamil word ANBAE

Tamil Rocks 

Love - These days

03, Jun 2016

Beautiful was the time we used to collect er'thing touched by our crush as souvenir..

Chocolate wrappers, keychain, handwritten papers and ish.. and when we get into a fight we would simply sit with these stuffs and remember the good times..

People in love these days collect screenshots, whatsapp dp, edited photos & worship their mobile phone and when fighting they would simply clear data and uninstall photo locker


Mall is not that big of a deal

31, May 2016

I don't understand why would girls wear half saree, lehenga or anarkali suits to a mall.

Not that I hate wearing ethnic clothes but Gurll.. you girls are tryna seek some attention.

You can hate me all you want but hands down men dress better.

Mall is not that big of a deal, Calm down baby girl

A Mall is just a huge air conditioned Annachi kadai, everything under one roof with a theatre and a food court.

No. I'm sorry I take back what I just said. Not annachi kadai cos next thing you know, they take it serious and there might be girls going to malls wearing a nighty and shawl


And those of you guys who laughed with me.. Oh we're all going to hell for judging

Worst day possible

30, May 2016

I can't really tell who is worse, the beggar who yelled at me calling I'm a The* mu* for giving him 5 one rupee coins cos that was all the coins I had or the people who stood near me who did not utter a word about the situation

Help panna Enna dhan serupala adikanum

Fucked up puppy shame logic

24, May 2016

Girls change their dress in front of each other like they have no shame or whatsoever but would lose their mind when a bra strap shows in public

Boys on the other hand, never mind roaming topless in public, walk wearing shortest of all shorts but still would use a Lungi to change pants in front of their friends


Vote Daw

15, May 2016

Makkal theruvuku theru iruka current kambam maadri..
Yemathi sorandi thingura Politicians, panakaara Veetu naai maadri..

Current kambam onnum pannama gammunu irundha, Adhu mela naai ucha poga dhan seiyum..
Thiruppi oru time shock adicha, kaala thookura naai therichu odirum..

The only time we will ever have the power to react is NOW. Choose right.
Vote tomorrow (May 16)

Marriage Vs Paani Poori

10, May 2016

When I graduated from college I saw my batchmates and seniors posting status like, "Engaged" and "Happily Married"
Now they are posting pictures with their new born

Here I am wondering.. "Paani poori Oru plate'ku 5'a Ila 6'a?"

Like seriously ppl how do you keep your shit together and mine is all over the place.

Mummy Loves me

08, May 2016

Me: mummy!!!
Mom: *half asleep* Hmmm..
Mom: HMMM....
Me: ma..
Mom: Hey yena de venum unaku?
Me: Thookame varala.. Oru kadhai sollu ma..
Mom: Oru oorula..
Me: Hmmm
Mom: Oru nari'yam
Me: Hmmm
Mom: Adhoda kadhai sari'yam.. moodittu padu saniyane..

‪#‎HappyMothersDay‬ to all the wonderful moms out there who are putting up with our shit..


03, May 2016

I think anyone in a relationship can relate to this.
Do you have this "prick" in your life? That one guy/girl who gets too close to your boyfriend/girlfriend?

Ne dhan enaku uyiru, best friend, appa, amma, soulmate, matta, mayrunu avanga kuda pesitu.. nammala vida overa namma aalu mela care eduthutu.. oru saniyan?

And when we ask if they have no other shit to do, they would simply answer, "we are like brother and sister"

It's okay to be jealous about this

01, May 2016

Recently I had a chance to visit a school nearby and was stunned by the activities happening there. I have never witnessed any school doing great with the kids and the work teachers do there was too bloody great. No wonder they charge a hefty fees amount per year.

I waited until the class was over. I wanted to have conversation with the teacher to know what their daily routine was. She was kind enough to spend her time talking to me after her hectic schedule. I was curious to know what extra works she did compared to any other teacher from a different school that the institution has designed such a huge fees structure.


Hot Ride

28, Apr 2016

Every morning around 8.30 I go around cheran maanagar, Dr. NGP Arts and Science College road and then to Veeriyampaalayam to drop my mom. I pass NGP's hostel and college. What I see every day physically pains me.


Kelavis Logic

21, Apr 2016

Some exotic bike crossed my street with semma sound

Paati: Kattaila ponavan.. yena feed'a (speed) poranuga.. yevan melaiyadhu kondu pooi yethi adi pattu pethavanga uyira vaanga vendidhu

Me: yeh kelavi adhu speed illa filter satham.. slow'a pona kuda andha vandi apdi dhan satham podhum.. um purusan bullet maadri..

Yevan yevan mela idichalum.. sathama vandi oatunavan mela dhan thappu

Dumb Meme

16, Apr 2016

A meme pissed me off recently. It went like,

On Occasions..

GF : Enaku yena gift da vangi tharuve?


Shit Tamil Parents say #1

07, Apr 2016

When they accidentally walk in on you while you are changing your dress, and you are yelling at them to get the hell out of your room they

They be like, "huh hmmm nan paakamaya ne porandhe" 

Gets worse if you are a guy. Because you will be thrown with a standard dialogue "Ambala paiyan dhana da ne" - Last line courtesy Naveen

Raagu Kedhu reason

06, Apr 2016

If saying two people should get married cos they have dark underarms is nasty, then so is looking for Raagu Kedhu porutham.

What does that shit has to do when the couples are already in love? "Jaadhi'lam nanga

"Jaadhi'lam nanga paaka maatom aana Kandipa raagu kedhu irundha kattikuduka maatom" is the other way of saying NO to Love marriages

Cunning Indian Parents And the ones who ask

And the ones who ask what's with my brain lately, Orae the marriage related posts, wanna get married?Ahmm Hell No.. I am still

Ahmm Hell No, I am still sambaariching.

I demand dowry

03, Apr 2016

Munnadi ellam ponnungala padika vekka maatanga, so velaiku poga vaaipu ila. Adhanala varadhatchanai kuduthu, pona yedathula ponnu nalla irukatumnu parents anupunanga.

Ippo equal'a padikarom, equal (sometimes higher) salary, veetula cooking, washing, cleaning, going through labor, raising kids, putting up with the in-laws, etc. phew.

Appo niyaya padiyum dharmapadiyum Varadhatchanai pasanga dhan ponnungaluku kudukanum.

Adi vangunadhu naanu.. cup'u enaku dhan sondham #Goyakka

P.S: I'll be at Fun mall selling ice cubes. So all the butt hurt men who don't find my post funny, you guys are welcome

Pet Parents

31, Mar 2016

Normal people: Adade.. Vanga vanga vanga.. yepdi irukeenga..

Us: Bayapadadheenga.. Avan kadikamaatan.. Katti venalum podrom ulla vanga..

Tamil Serials

30, Mar 2016

Tv series have a massive reach when compared to any Facebook or blog post/video but I don't understand why those directors and story writers shove their brains up their asses. Like can't they do something innovative or revolutionary with the platform

Like can't they do something innovative or revolutionary with the platform? One time,


Technology Vs Grandparents

26, Mar 2016

My paati suddenly got mad and she was all like

"iru, ungoppan innaiku varatum. Indha computer elavuku oru mudivu kattren"

I was so confused why she was this mad seeing my profile picture on Facebook.

She then continued 


Theatre Yetchais

19, Mar 2016

Theatre'la padam potta aprom porumaya aatitu phone'la flashlight pottu entry kudukura erumaigalayum,

Yedho avanga appan veetu theatre maadri ukkandhutu sathama phone pesara naaiyayum,

Second round padathuku vandhutu pakkathula irukavangaluku disturb aagudhunu therinjum Ella scene'sayum oppikara saniyanugalayum,

Nalla sevvulaye onnu vekkanum


18, Mar 2016

மனிதன் என்ன புண்ணியம் செய்தான் என்று
கடவுள் நாய்களை
செல்ல ப்ராணிகளாய் படைத்தானோ

Don't ask, Don't tell

15, Mar 2016

Castes are like Jatti brands (Panties)

Don't ask. Don't tell.

Only morons show them off by wearing low waist jeans.

Likewise when you do something showcasing your caste, basically you are pulling your pants down in public at your own will.


Ruined Spot

10, Mar 2016

Race course, used to be the only place in Coimbatore you can always drag your friends to when you have a mind fuck. just sit, relax or

Just sit, relax or walk. The crowd there has increased lately not because people like the gentle breeze but for Free Wi-Fi.

Guys and girls even uncles and aunts who go for a walk hardly look at each other's face now because they too busy texting or holding their phones high like that scene in the movie lion king to get the signal.


Shit salon people say

09, Mar 2016

The only people who get to talk shit about their customers to their face and still get away with it, are the ones who work at a beauty salon. I mean seriously.. Have you noticed your self confidence going from 100 to 0 real quick?


Kozhi Pee color

04, Mar 2016

What do you call that one color that looks like a highlighter in a pack of a sketch?

Some call it fluorescent. A few call it Mickey mouse color.ny of you guys

Any of you guys remember someone calling it Kozhi pee (chicken shit) color?

Lol then it's just me and my mom..

#notAshamed #notEvenABit #swagTamilachi

Veetu Saapadu

03, Mar 2016

Years back people went gaga when someone said they are getting settled abroad or even got placed outside their hometown.

Now, when I say I work from home and I'm still in Coimbatore, people say I'm lucky.

Summava sonnanga pichai eduthalum ullooru'la edukanum'nu

Nalla thanni

21, Feb 2016

Namma oorulaye seiyara velaiya correct'a senju yaethu vaangra orae aalu, Nalla thanni vidra anna dhan 

Weekdays morning thanni vitta, mummies be like.. "ava ava velaiku poga vendama yepdi thanni pudikradhu"nu sanda..

Evening vitta.. "Ippo dhan velaiku pooitu vandhu sivanenu ukkandhruken kollaila ponavan ippo thanni vidran"nu sanda.. 

Saturday Sunday vitta.. "Leave'eh rendu naalu dhan ippo thanni vittutan.. nimadhiya thoonga kuda vidama"

Thakkali thanniyevidala ma ungaootukunuandha anna irundha..

"unga Appan veetu thanniya? vidave maatengre"nu veedu poondhu adikuranga ..


Modern Josiyam

20, Feb 2016

"Indha kalathula pooi joshiyam jaadhagam'nu paesitu ipdi mooda nambikai'yoda vaalringale.. cha"

Ipdi solra indha generation makkal dhan.. phone panni "machi ne nethu pacha dress'la vandha nala dhan question paper easy nalaikum marakama adhe color potru please"nu pesaranga..

"De bell adikum bodhu indha question dha padichom kandipa varum padichuko"


Remembering the Good old kulikama pona naatkal

Mummy oru dheivam

17, Feb 2016

Yena dhan moochu payirchi, yoga'nu panni thoonga try pannalum.. "

"saniyane innerathuku yen en uyire vangure"nu Amma kita yethu vangite..

"Ma Pls ma 5mins right'la sori ma"nu picha yeduthu mudhugu/thala sorinju thoongara sugame thani

Kaadhalar dhinam

15, Feb 2016

கண்ணீர் வரும் போது இதயம் வலித்தால்
அது நட்பு..
இதயம் வலித்து கண்ணீர் வந்தால்
அது காதல்..
இல்லை நெஞ்சுவலி

Chop chop

13, Feb 2016

That Hehe moment when people start bugging your younger sister to get married soon and stop bothering you because you don't have hair.

And kelavi's be like, "Huh Hmmm wig vechu kattika yendha mapla varuvan?"

Chop chop.. stay safe..sealed


09, Feb 2016

According to a few men

I shouldn't be adding anyone on Facebook unless and until I have poorva jenma bandham (related since my previous birth) with them. 

I should add them because it's just a friend request and not a proposal.

I should talk when they say hi but shouldn't talk back when they get rude.

I should change my Facebook profile picture to Mother Theresa's picture and delete my all other pictures online.

I should post statuses damaging girls so that they can go Hehehe on it but never post any negative opinion about men.

I can post hashtags pitying men.

Basically, Mark Zuckerberg should change this to "Menbook" and I deserve to be treated rudely!

I mean Wow!!


Pakki V2.0

08, Feb 2016

Wondering how to go from "Pakki" to "Cha adhu ellam panakkara veetu gethu figure" status?

All you have to do is Straighten your hair..

Eeetula thinga sooru iruka ma?

I'm not talking about all the straightened mandais, but indha 'poovodu saerndhu naarum manakum'ngra maadri over scene podum cases only.

Judg-mental Uncle Aunties

07, Feb 2016

"Indha generation pasangale mosam. Yepdi dha relationships pathi gossip pesarangalo. Item songs'a nadu veetula potu kaekaranga. Browsing history paathingana theriyum. Aiyo cha abacharam"

Ipdi solra paadhi uncles and aunties Sunday aana thirutu thanama vaara malar-anbudan andharangam padichutu solvadhellam unmai judgment'a whistle potu paakara gang'a dhan irupanga


Guy Problems

04, Feb 2016

Guys while texting be like..

Hi... (three dots.. she might think I'm desperate)

Hi (sounds little simple)

Hello (too old fashioned)

*omg she's online.. should think of something real quick*


Pant Dicky

03, Feb 2016

Yena dhan tissue paper, handkerchief, hand dryer irundhalum..

Kai kaluvinadhum yaarum paakati, pant dicky'la thodaikra sugame thani..whoever finds this otherwise.. hi hello you're a bloody liar

Whoever finds this otherwise, Hi, hello, you're a bloody liar sealed

New Moms

30, Jan 2016

Don't you guys get annoyed when you see a cute baby and you go like "aww.. Such a cutie pie. How old is she?"

And the moms be like.. 


New speed breakers

29, Jan 2016

Those mini heart attacks we get because of the newly placed speed breakers 15

15 varushama daily pora road'la iruka speed breaker ah nagarthitanga. Already irundha edathula automatic'a vandi slow agudhu, pudhusa pota edathula sallunu pooi sudden brake adika vendiya nelamai.why mess with our

Why mess with our brains?


Palaya soaru

27, Jan 2016

Nethu vecha meen kolamba soodu panni thinngura nanga yaelainga..

Nethu vanguna pizza'va microwave panni thinngura neenga panakkaranga..

Huh Hmmm thinnguradhu yenavo palaya soru dhaan..

Aana yedhuku rusi adhigam'nu ooru ulagathuke theriyum


21, Jan 2016

தொட்டிலில் பிறந்து
கால் இல்லா கட்டிலில் சென்று
ஆள் இல்லா காட்டில் உறங்கத்தான்
இத்தனை ஆட்டமும்

Data Naragam

20, Jan 2016

Saagara naal therinjuta..

Vaalra naal naragam aagidum..

Mobile data Yevlo MB balance irukunu therinjuta..

Browsing neram naragatha vida mosam aagidum

Inconsiderate younger gen

17, Jan 2016

The chances of an old man with psychopathic appearance to be a rapist is much lesser when compared to a bunch of inconsiderate 18 year olds these days. Here is the post to congratulate these guys for being the representative of the most uncultured 18 year olds of this generation. I hope your famlies are proud for raising such wonderful kids.

The guy who posted this said he was sorry (only reason why I blurred his name) and he was furious since he got "friend-zoned" by some girl which made him post this crap.


The Reason

12, Jan 2016

Results are out. It was a goddamn CHOCOLATE CYST and NOT CANCEROUS

imma parddyyy.. woop woop!!

Everything is perfectly fuctioniong other than the few "extra" parts doctors decided to take away with the cyst



That Wasn't the reason

09, Jan 2016

Hey everyone! I'm going to share something really personal and important for all the young people out there. I've been meaning to post this for a long time now and I just couldn't because I didn't want to kill yourl New year vibes!

This is gonna be a long ass post so buckle up. Please keep scrolling if you get disgusted too easily.


Sotta uncle

01, Dec 2015

"Yo! Remember that one time, this uncle who used to be our neighbor? He was such an inspiring person.

He always used to give such valuable tips on my health and stuff. He once grabbed me by my ears and yelled at me because I sat close to my tv screen.

He started teaching me how I should obey elders and respect my parents. The times he constantly reminded how stupid our generation kids were and those Gandhiji's principles.

God I miss him so much"

- said No one ever

"Yo! Remember that uncle next door?"

"Yaaru? TV  paaka vidama mokka potu savadipane, sotta mandayan avan dhana?

Yen Yaaru kitayaachu vaaiya kuduthu vangi kattitana?"

- Everyone

Amma Vaasam

20, Nov 2015

அம்மா குளித்து சென்ற
குளியல் அறையில்
ஓடி சென்று முகம்
கழுவும் பொது வரும்
அம்மாவின் வாசம்

Telecaller Vs That Lady

06, Nov 2015

I was made to sit with a tele caller at docomo office this evening to train her on my software tool. What happened there just made my day.. 


Tower of Hanoi

11, Oct 2015

Implementation in real life:

Saaptu mudicha aprom..

kadaisiya Amma saapta plate mela

sambhar paathram vechu

adhuku mela rasam kunda vechu

adhuku mela poriyal plate vechu

adukum podhu, size paathu mathi mathi adukuvadhe Tower of Hanoi!

#SundayVirundhu 󾌳


07, Oct 2015

நீ எனதில்லை என தெரிந்த பின்னும்
உன் துணை தேடி அலைகின்றேன்
முடிவில்லா இப்பயணம்
என் மூச்சுள்ளவரை தொடரும்
- ஆர்த்தி

Kill me now

10, Sep 2015

When the climate is fine

You find Coimbatore like Ooty

You sit down with a hot cup of coffee to watch all the episodes you copied from your friend

And you hear your mom's voice from kitchen

Mom: Thanga innaiku shutdown.. 6 mani'ku dha current varum!!


Diet Demons

06, Sep 2015

"Eat well" is what we usually hear.

But for some girls it should be

"Well, Eat"

Like seriously calm the eff down and enjoy eating the damn thing undecided

Tan Divas

20, Aug 2015

Meanest are the girls with perfect skin who wouldn't help us with sun tan removal

Apdi Yena dha ya panreenga.. vella vellaer'nu irukeenga.. frown


16, Aug 2015

Veetula mobile yenga vechenu theriyala, adhanala daddy kita konjam avaru phone'la irundhu call pannunga pa'nu solli ringtone sound vechu veedu poora thaedi Appa oru valiya found my phone.

Dad: Yen saami Appa number save pannala?

Me: Save pannuna dhan theriyuma? Unga number ella enaku manapaadama theriume pa. Unga number'la irundhu phone varadha pathadhume attend panniduvene

Enga Appa munji'la 1000Watts pragasam

*my mind voice*

Huh Hmmm. Save panni vecha dhan Whatsapp profile picture'ku status'ku 1008 kaelvi kekaringale. Aprom yepdi contact'la add panuvom? Vera vali illama manapaadam panna vendiya kattayam indha generation pasangaluku.

Modern Dress

10, Aug 2015

Modern dress podra ponnunga ellarume easy going'nu think pandradha yeppo dhan viduvanga? 


Pudhu panakaaran koothu

02, Aug 2015

Annapoorna hotel

Veliya malai paenjalum paravala Aiyo Engaluku A/c hall dha Venum.. Ilana engaluku sorru erangadhu..

Nanga rich dha Aana aduthavanga table pakathulaye ninu verika verika pathu sapdravangala veri ethuvom.. Aana Nanga decent..

Munadi saptavanga naguradhuku munadiye mundhi adichu edam pudipom..

Next minute table clean panna aal varati manager Sattaiya pudipom..


Veetula varra kaapi'la ooty varuki mukki thingura Monna naai cleanliness pathi sanda podudhu


TN Cops

29, Jul 2015

These cops in the English series be like

"NYPD.. drop your weapons right now"

Semma geth'a arresting the cons.

Was wondering how it would be if Tamil nadu police did the same

"TNPD .. "

Kadaikarar: Sir sathyama andha beedi enga kadaila Ila sir.. vera yedhuna kaelunga sir..

Modern Kaadhal

27, Jul 2015

Modern Kaadhal Amma'va suruki 'Ma'nu koopdra maadri

Ammu'va suruki 'Mu' nu koopduranga..

Adhu Ammu'va irukradhum Mundam/Mudhevi'ya maaradhum

Avaa avaa nadandhukradha poruthadhu.. 

Sun TV Mom Vs My Mom

11, Jul 2015

Sun TV serial'la vara ammas be like.. "Achaho Yena pa aachu? Odambu seri illaya? Office’la yena aachu? Manasa potu kolapikadhe.." adhu idhunu oru episode full'a thaangu thaangu'nu thaangaranga.. Paasakara mummies

My mom: Yena de.. Oru type'a ukkandhruke? Kaalaila irundhu soarru kuda thingama yenn'neramum kannathula kai vechutu ukkandhruke.. saniyane yedhachu love adhu idhunu panni tholaiyariya? Yaaru de Avan.. Kattaila ponavan.. Enaku Appove theriyum ipdi dha yedhaiyachu panni tholaipe'nu..

Me: ma.. pallu valikudhu ma..


Rich Vs Poor

02, Jul 2015

Oruthan panakarana yaelaiya'ngradhu Pizza vs Full meals'la mattum illa Body wash vs Soap'la kuda mudivu panuvanga'nu therinjukiten..

Kevalamana ulagam sir

#PplJudgeYou #noMatterWhat

Modern Friendship

27, Jun 2015

Modern friendship break ups happen when you are scrolling through your Whatsapp contacts and your friend's display picture and status disappears.

What goes in your mind –


Kevalamana advice #2

13, Jun 2015

Sometimes things feel wonderful just like a newly painted nail. And then shit happens.

Polish wears off slowly. If you are going to cover it with a coat of new color over the old one and not ready to clean the old trace and get a closure, you my friend will face a hard time scrubbing your nail until you bleed.

So face it. When you find things are falling apart, get your shit together, clean it and start afresh. Don't hide things forever because in the end when you finally decide to go clean, you will be forced to deal the past mistakes all over again

I'm Skinny Fat

09, Jun 2015

Why is a person's size used to measure beauty? I'm short. Like, really short. I weigh 50kg. Now with this new hairdo, I've been receiving comments like "Oh, you are too fat to be a girl, but you are too lean to be a boy"


Shawl isn't Cape

06, Jun 2015

Y'all gals have one job to do while riding a bike. Just one freaking job. Hold your damn shawl!

I mean what the eff. How hard is it? It takes 20mins for me to reach office from home and I ask at least 5 women to hold their damn shawl because that shit keeps flying like some cape. It's flying so close to the wheel.


Government Employees

01, Jun 2015

Stop complaining about every politician and govt staffs about gettin bribe. It's time all you people blame yourselves.


Perks of short hair

30, May 2015

1. Getting ready takes less than 10 mins

2. No more costly shampoos and conditioners

3. Riding a bike at 80kmph without worrying about messing your hairdo



28, May 2015

Yena Sir.. Vagudu yeduthu vaarina mudi.. butti kannadi'lam paathu enna school teacher'nu nenachuteengala...

actual'a nan konjam Bad gal.. Ketta vaartha ellam varum..

Aprom Tha.. Thappa aairum..



Periods Crack

20, May 2015

Keep scrolling if you don't wanna read something gross and allergic to being real

There are only two types of women..

The sweet darlings and the ones on their PERIODS..


I'm a SLUT

14, May 2015

Yes I am a Slut.

You know what's the worst part of being a slut? You don't know that you are one.


Chop it off

07, May 2015

Hey, lovely ladies.. smile

If you are willing to support the cancer fighters, you can bring a smile on their faces who are going through a huge hardship. All you have to do is make sure your hair is 15'' long and is free from chemicals.

Neatly cut, seal your plaited hair (make sure its not wet) in a plastic bag and drop them off at

Hair for hope - India Asraya -

Healing touch, EDDC,

Near Market Jn,


Haripad - 690517 Kerla

If your hair is less than 15'' like mine and you are still willing to take a step.

Visit: Lock of Love

Fill out the form and follow the instructions.

Simple as that



07, May 2015

Okay! That Just happened!

No hate comments, please

It's a request..

Thanks Kevin anna from Page3 for this beautiful haircut and for giving me a bunch of others' donations as well.

Kevalamana Advice #1

26, Apr 2015

Unaku breakup nu kavala

Avanuku andha ponnu pesamaatengudhu'nu kavala

Unga amma'ku ne Seriya saapda maatengre'nu kavala

Unga appa'ku unaku dhandama college fees katrome'nu kavala


Middle Class Me

23, Apr 2015

Oru middle class ponnu makeup Poda kudadha?

Vidhyasama dress pannika kudadha?

Appa amma kuda jolly'ah ooru sutha kudadha?

Neraiya pesa kudadha?



Altered Pant Clowns

09, Apr 2015

Guys getting their pencil fit pants altered to get more skinnier swag look undecided



31, Mar 2015

When nothing feels right, put on your make up, get out an strat picking dresses at random stores, try them on, take pics.

Trust me it does wonders

Arranged marriage atrocity

18, Mar 2015

I need to get this off my chest. How in the world is an arranged marriage better than a love marriage? 


Women's Day wishes gone wrong

08, Mar 2015

It's so cute to see so many "Happy women's day" posts from guys on my Facebook news feed. But that is not what we women need...


Viva - Vaiyuva

06, Mar 2015

Me: Thursday Enaku viva daddy 

Dad: Yaaru thango Unna vaiyva(thituva).. 

Me: Yaara? Plural Dad.. project guide vaiyva'ga senior tutor vaiyva'ga...panel members vaiyva'ga.. samandhame Ilama tutor amma kuda vaiyva'ga

Goyale Ippo Theriyudhu da Adhuku Yen viva nu peru vechrukanga'nu.. 10th semester.. Yeppo da May maasam varum.. sigh.. undecided

Banned in India?

05, Mar 2015

The video is here - India's daughter.

A girl's dress or her walk is provoking you to brutally rape and kill her? So does your stupid face makes us want to kill you by cutting off your genitals 



25, Feb 2015

வல்லவனுக்கு புல்லும் ஆயுதம்
அது போல பெண்களுக்கு பின்நூசியும் ஆயுதம்
இன்று என் பின்நூசி
பேருந்தில் தவறாக நடந்து கொண்ட ஒருவன்
தொடையை பதம் பார்த்தது

Bae-kaandi Girls

21, Feb 2015

Brace yourself. I'm going to rant for at least two minutes about a few girls.

So let me put my "lady parts" aside and talk for a while on behalf of all the men out there. Girls being overly attached to Bae undecided


Petrol bunk story

13, Feb 2015

Had the worst day at office until I went to fill petrol at the busiest petrol bunk near office.. 


Bikes and Girls

09, Feb 2015

"Dei thambu public vera vara pogudhu orae jolly dha few months'la colg poidalam"nu en friend oru paiyan kita ketadhuku.. 


Nadu road'il Gaja gaja

01, Feb 2015

PDA (Public display of affection) pathi pesara mogaraigala paaru.. vijay tv'la.. teens and youngsters pathi thappu solra uncle'ngale aunty'ngale.. hello hi.. Please Go To v.o.c park .. Fun mall.. brookes and Take a look around.. kandravi.. couples 30 and above > teens..

Thappu dhan yarum illanu sollala.. teens public'a konjikita kuda adhu oru vagaila Cute'avum, vaitherichalavum irukum.. neenga pannuna Yaaru ya sagichukradhu.. keragom..

Show me that curve yo!

25, Jan 2015

SMILE because you can make someone's day better also it's going to be a great day for you..

Trust me it will change everything. If you're feeling too low, please go hug someone you love or someone next to you..

Unless you're 45 and next to you is a 15 year old then please don't be a perv. Also don't hug a total stranger and get your ass kicked..

Kay thanks for smiling .. smile

Isha yoga atrocity

25, Jan 2015

Since when visiting Isha Foundation became a vacation plan?

It's a place for mind peace and meditation. Bringing kids inside the dome and disturbing others who meditate is one thing, laughing at the ones who meditate and finding it funny is beyond stupidity okay

Guys I mean seriously, if you are new to the place there are sign boards everywhere. Also there is a reason why the volunteers there constantly ask you to shut the eff up. Not even for a 15 minutes inside the dome?

It's a yoga centre for God sake people. Please shut up.

Is Coimbatore running out of places to visit on a holiday? 

Suicide Helpline

19, Jan 2015

Apdi oru manusanuku sagara alavuku Yena kashtam varum?

Trust issues'a? - Please manasu vittu pesunga..

Kadan problem'a? - Friends yedhuku irukanga? Help panna matom'ah?

Life partner kuda prechanaiya? - Divorce vangi tholainga..

Suicide Mattum panna mudivu yedukadhinga.. easy'a uyir poidum aana sethadha nenachu nenachu ungala suthi irukavanga daily saganum.. Appo Unga love'ku Yena worth?

Please Call 044- 24640050 If you need someone to talk to

Please sort out whatever you are dealing with

Shawl thing

15, Jan 2015

Don't even get me started on this.

Girls wearing shawl around their head covering their face like a terrorist while riding a bike


Naked Pics

11, Jan 2015

No wait.. Trying to threaten girls by taking their pics online & saying you would edit their face to nude pics?

Yo think what you say has any effect on us? It would take us just the same amount of time to morph your face to a naked guy with a tiny.. really tiny pe' pe' And you'd say 'nah that's photoshopped' and what do you think people would comment on our morphed pictures?

Try putting the same time and effort on something useful rather than trying to make weak girls cry

Stoopidu Girls

05, Jan 2015

Seriously girls please.. relationship'la yedhu yedhukelam sanda podradhune Ilama poiduchu.. 


Bra strap problems

30, Dec 2014

At fun mall this evening..

A guy did something really stupid thinking he was so cool.. he walked past a girl.. pointed her shoulder and said 'psst adjust pannu'..


Have A Nice Day

27, Dec 2014

Dear person reading this,

Whatever makes you feel bad, leave it.. Whatever makes you happy, keep it! YOU are an amazing person who wil inspire others to do great things so keep up the great work. I know you may feel unimportant or insecure at the moment but know that you are a beautiful human being inside and out

You are important !



Morning Routine

25, Dec 2014

Everyday.. Get up innocent.. Look up wink.. Wear your own damn crown & Never give up cool

#stayingStrong #imaginaryTiara screw Prince charming.. we don't need one


18, Dec 2014

Bunch of 15 year olds with smart phones were laughing at something on the screen, right in front of my friend's badminton court. Two random big guys came in bike and were like

"Dei Yedhuku da en thangachi num vechrukeenga.. delete panunga da"

"ilainga na Apdi Ellam num Ila.."

"kudra nanae delete pandre"nu solli phone aataiya potu sooing'nu poitanga.. Enaku Ippo dha da sandhosama iruku..

Enaku 15 vayasu irukum bodhum thakkali 1100'kuda tharala da.. :D nice technique


27, Nov 2014

Oru ooru'la oru illichavaachi irundhalam.. Ava Oru payana love pannalam..

Payan thappu pannadhum kenji paathalam.. avan thimiruthanam pannite irundhanam poruthadhu podhum.. poda en chips'u nu pooiye poitalam..!!

ppo Ava vera payana paatha thappu.. pesuna thappu Ellame thappu..! Ana adhaye avan panna "He's trying to move on"

Yen?? Yen'na ava oru illichavaachi'ama... #DoubleStandards

2011 Free books

25, Nov 2014

Sir 2011'la Free'a distribute panna solli government kudutha books 2014 aagiyum varalaye sir?

Books varum.. ana varadhu..!!

350 tonnes of Free books wer stolen and sold to firework factories in sivakasi for 4.5lakhs

Naadum Naatu makkalum naasamai pogatum

Thirudan Police

16, Nov 2014

Ama'nga.. business man, engineer, nogama nombu kumbudra owner, Ila Neraiya sambarikara appa iruka ungaluku Thirudan police padam sumara dhan irukum..! Govt job'la Super indent'ah iruka Enga appa padra kashtam, avamanam, naai maadri paada padradha daily paakara enaku valichudhu.. valikudhu..!

Kalaikareenga'na pls private'ah vechukongo.. En kita Adha Direct'ah solladhenga.. ungaluku purinjukavum mudiyadhu.. puriya vekavum mudiyadhu..

Effing Syllabus

19, Oct 2014

Staring at my facebook timeline, simply scrolling up and down facebook wall or even splitting my split end seems more interesting than this effing syllabus yell seriously! idhula 10 semester vera

Highway Accident Banners

21, Sep 2014

Feeling effing annoyed of all the accident banners placed along the highways. 


21 Vayasu Problem

28, Aug 2014

Oru 21 vayasu pullaiku yevlo kavalai iruku'nu ungaluku theriyuma da? Vandhutanuga advice panna..

Adhu Yena ponnunga'na avlo ellakaaram? Yen neenga matum dhan place aaganum kudumbatha kaapathanumo.. Appo enga family? engalukum unga alavuku ella porupu vengayamum equal ah iruku. So try supporting.. Mudiyalaya.. Just shut up..!

Pet Parent

10, Aug 2014

Stop referring someone a dog owner. I prefer "Pet Parent".

There is so much love a dog can show you when you treat him as your family



27, Jul 2014

Padam Nalla irundha kai thatti whistle adinga da.. Periya decency.. undecided

Fun cinemas'la V.I.P padam family oda paaka Pooi veruthuten da.. Nan whistle adicha en pakathula ukkandhruka kelavi 'pchh Cha' nu Solludhu.. pikkali payaluva comedy scenes'ku kuda sirika maatranuga.. Konja naal Wait panna sun tv'la poduvanga Appo paaka vendi thane?! Yen da theatre ku varinga #PanakarangaSirikaMaatanga

Fundoo Love

26, Jul 2014

Whoever said puppies run behind their owner with so much love got it all wrong. Here I am along with paati, Karthik, my mom, dad and bro are running behind him almost all the time to feed, bathe, brush and even take him for a walk.. He never gets tired.

E.K.S.I (Enna Koduma Saravanan Idhu)

24, Jul 2014

Enakaga unmaiya irundhu Enakagave valndha dha true love nu sonna kaalam Pooi.. En Pera tattoo panna dha true love'nu soldra kodumaiya yenanu solla..! Haiyo Haiyo..

Fragile Heart

15, Jul 2014

Have you come across that moment when you know its been months since you stopped talking to that one person who once meant the world to you. Till sometim you've been faking yourself that you've moved on and suddenly this realization hits real hard making you feel that you still haven't? Yes, your heart is more fragile than you think it is.

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