Telecaller Vs That Lady

06, Nov 2015

I was made to sit with a tele caller at docomo office this evening to train her on my software tool. What happened there just made my day.. 

Agent: Hello, Rajesh irukara?

Lady at the other end: Avanga Ella illa Idhu office madam.

Agent: Neenga Yaaru madam?

Lady: Avaru owner madam. Nan worker

Agent: Aprom Yen'nga Avaru personal number'la neenga varinga..

Lady: Enaku vechuka kuduthutarunga

Agent: Indha number'ku neenga innum 2500rs bill katanum

Lady: Sim tholanjuruchunga madam f.i.r copy venalum nan kamikaren

Agent: Yena madam pesarenga..

Lady: Aama'nga number tholanjuruchu

Agent: Madam neenga pesara number'oda bill'a dha nan solren

Lady: Neenga owner kita pesunga

*ends the call**agent calls again she intentionally ends the calls* New number

Agent: Yena madam cut pannitu porenga bill'u katta sonna Onnu Seri'nu sollunga illa Unga owner number kudunga ipdi cut panna Yena artham

Lady: Madam En kita balance illa

Agent: Yena ma pesare Ne? Phone pannadhu nanu balance Illanu solre? Owner number kudu ma

Lady: Owner number ellam En kita Illa madam owner number Vechurundha owner pondati Enna sandhega pada matangala? Yena madam arivu illa ungaluku? ipdi theva illama phone panni irritate pandreenga.. vei'nga madam


We lost it..

And lastly Agent said, it's just a usual phone call here..


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sudersansrini 29, Jan 2017

Hilarious is an understatement.......

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