The Reason

12, Jan 2016

Results are out. It was a goddamn CHOCOLATE CYST and NOT CANCEROUS

imma parddyyy.. woop woop!!

Everything is perfectly fuctioniong other than the few "extra" parts doctors decided to take away with the cyst


Since they had the doubt of cancer, Endoscopic removal wasn't an option for me because that might rupture the cyst so they decided to perform an open surgery. 15cm wide.

Im ok with infertility and shit, as long as I get to spend the rest of my life doing the crap I love without the huge list of problems.

I feel so good

Thank you to those wonderful people who filled my inbox with lots of concerns & prayers and the ones who cheered me with their personal experiences. Some weird stories I dont know what you guys were thinking before sending me.

Thank you guys. Few people asked me if I got a second opinion before the surgery. Oh hell yeah. A No-name doctor, very famous around Coimbatore was like (with her own medical terms obviously)

"Gurl.. imma do you a endoscopy, drill few holes and you're gonna rock that bikini"

I was like

Umm? What kinda shit is that? Who worries cosmetically?

If there are girls who worry how your body might look after surgery, shut up and go get your brains checked because you Miss have some serious issues

Anyways, I'm much better now, walking and all that. Thanks again guys.

I'm truly blessed !

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