Inconsiderate younger gen

17, Jan 2016

The chances of an old man with psychopathic appearance to be a rapist is much lesser when compared to a bunch of inconsiderate 18 year olds these days. Here is the post to congratulate these guys for being the representative of the most uncultured 18 year olds of this generation. I hope your famlies are proud for raising such wonderful kids.

The guy who posted this said he was sorry (only reason why I blurred his name) and he was furious since he got "friend-zoned" by some girl which made him post this crap.

That does not serve as any justification for his behaviour on social media where his fellow mates/juniors or anybody might get an idea that it's ok to rape girl if she dumps a guy.

And of course.. his friend to his rescue calling me a bloody bitch for my comment.

The real impact of the so-called soup songs these days.

Enough is enough. I will not turn a blind eye anymore. Neither should any of you guys.

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