Guy Problems

04, Feb 2016

Guys while texting be like..

Hi... (three dots.. she might think I'm desperate)

Hi (sounds little simple)

Hello (too old fashioned)

*omg she's online.. should think of something real quick*

Hey.. (sounds little rude)

Hey there.. (she's already there, duh)



Hi how do? *sent* 󾌺 fuck this shit.. she won't reply anyways.. I'm gonna be single this Valentine's day

HI HOW DO? *sent* yell

Fuck this shit.

She won't reply anyways. I'm gonna be single this Valentine's day too.

Girls on the other hand..

She: helo (doesn't even care abt the typo) *goes offline*

Gets 257 replies asking if she's there.


Pugal Mugilan
Pugal Mugilan 11, Apr 2017

uh huh.. not realy..

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