Shit salon people say

09, Mar 2016

The only people who get to talk shit about their customers to their face and still get away with it, are the ones who work at a beauty salon. I mean seriously.. Have you noticed your self confidence going from 100 to 0 real quick?

You walk into a salon feeling like you are some sorta diva and snap the lady goes like,

"OMG!! Your hair is so frizzy and damn. Dandruff! You should take our hair spa it's Rs.999 only" 

What they actually mean: "We'll just wash your hair and blow dry that shit and trust me you will not in a million years be able to afford this nameless shampoo. So shut up and give me your money"

"OMG! Your skin is really dry and you have pigmentation. Have you tried our day & night cream? It works wonders"

What they mean: "This thing we call a magic cream, is nothing but cow dung mixed with some other shit. Basically it stinks and does nothing but trust me you will look like Thammanah in a week"

And I'm just sitting there feeling low about myself. All I wanted to do was to get my eyebrows done. 

#EffingRude #gettingPaidForJudging #iStillGoThereEveryWeek

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    Ruined Spot

    10, Mar 2016

    Race course, used to be the only place in Coimbatore you can always drag your friends to when you have a mind fuck. just sit, relax or

    Just sit, relax or walk. The crowd there has increased lately not because people like the gentle breeze but for Free Wi-Fi.

    Guys and girls even uncles and aunts who go for a walk hardly look at each other's face now because they too busy texting or holding their phones high like that scene in the movie lion king to get the signal.


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