Ruined Spot

10, Mar 2016

Race course, used to be the only place in Coimbatore you can always drag your friends to when you have a mind fuck. just sit, relax or

Just sit, relax or walk. The crowd there has increased lately not because people like the gentle breeze but for Free Wi-Fi.

Guys and girls even uncles and aunts who go for a walk hardly look at each other's face now because they too busy texting or holding their phones high like that scene in the movie lion king to get the signal.


Pugal Mugilan
Pugal Mugilan 11, Apr 2017

i cant 4gt dat place.. u knw wat.. dats vry close 2my heart.. dats "OUR" spot.. v use 2meet der often.. remember a ganesha templ n sharadhambal templ.. i'v been der wit my GODDESS​ mny tims.. yesh.. c s my goddess.. oh.. oh.. sry ratna i drowned into memories.. n.. yes.. yeah.. if dat free wifi ends den al l b settled n fine soon.. afta jio it may betr nw i tink so but not xactly..

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