Don't ask, Don't tell

15, Mar 2016

Castes are like Jatti brands (Panties)

Don't ask. Don't tell.

Only morons show them off by wearing low waist jeans.

Likewise when you do something showcasing your caste, basically you are pulling your pants down in public at your own will.


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Pugal Mugilan
Pugal Mugilan 11, Apr 2017

👌😂😘 i hav a name 4u.. dats "கெத்து புள்ள"..

Tharun Vignesh
Tharun Vignesh 28, Feb 2017

Sema simile...

bala1990 30, Apr 2016

Just now fighted with my mom .. intha caste kandu puduichavan yarunu konjam theduga...

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    10, Mar 2016

    Race course, used to be the only place in Coimbatore you can always drag your friends to when you have a mind fuck. just sit, relax or

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