Hot Ride

28, Apr 2016

Every morning around 8.30 I go around cheran maanagar, Dr. NGP Arts and Science College road and then to Veeriyampaalayam to drop my mom. I pass NGP's hostel and college. What I see every day physically pains me.

Hostel is located at least 2Km far from college and there are no buses or share autos for the students to reach the campus.

I see students of the same college coming in a bike from cheran maanagar driving towards the campus.

Can't the guys give a ride to their fellow students? I mean, they all seem to ride alone. How hard is it to ask a guy walking along the road, holding his books high to cover his face from the sun, if he needs a ride? Don't worry you won't run out of petrol.

Not just them.. applies to everyone. It's effing hot outside if you see people walking and if you are riding alone, Please do offer this little help. You won't lose anything. Little things guys.

Yes, I hear you. While I drive back home after dropping mom, I pick kutti kids who walk to school from Ambedkar Nagar and drop them near their school which is next to my house. So sshh!

Ivlo kaasu pottu bike vangi kudutha appa, aduthavangaluku help pannanumnu solli tharalayo?

amdineshca 01, Aug 2016

nareshblu 01, May 2016

I used to help people on the way to my office with a ride. But now in banglore its mandatory for the pillions to wear a helmet. So i have to carry an extra helmet always with me. It was funny when an old man refused to ride with me as i asked him to wear the helmet.

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