Mall is not that big of a deal

31, May 2016

I don't understand why would girls wear half saree, lehenga or anarkali suits to a mall.

Not that I hate wearing ethnic clothes but Gurll.. you girls are tryna seek some attention.

You can hate me all you want but hands down men dress better.

Mall is not that big of a deal, Calm down baby girl

A Mall is just a huge air conditioned Annachi kadai, everything under one roof with a theatre and a food court.

No. I'm sorry I take back what I just said. Not annachi kadai cos next thing you know, they take it serious and there might be girls going to malls wearing a nighty and shawl


And those of you guys who laughed with me.. Oh we're all going to hell for judging

nivaedha 05, Feb 2017

So true!

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