Dear Diary

04, Jul 2016

Many of you guys who read my blog know me through what I post on social media. I have revamped by entire blog and have decided to use this to show what I truly am and what I stand for rather than just funny stuffs. This is the most life changing decision I have ever taken so far and I am determined to work really hard to achieve my goals. This whole blog is going to be one roller-coaster ride and at the end of which one might either puke or would go around telling people it was one crazy ride. Without any further adieu, here it goes

Dear Diary,

I was born in the city of Coimbatore to a very young couple who were never really into each other but was bound to be together by their parents and society. My mom was only 19 when she gave birth to me and no wonder she hated my very existence because she wasn’t ready but the world for sure thought she can handle this new born chaos. My dad, on the other hand, was the elder child and he was the one who should make sure his widowed mom, his younger brother and his wife with a new born had meal on their plate every day. Yes, he was the only source of income. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon or any spoon to begin with. Our house was the tiniest on the street; our ceilings would leak on a rainy day. I did not have TV growing up; there was literally nothing in my house other than a cot where my granny used to lay all the time reading me stories and a kitchen that would be full if two people stood inside.

My mom wasn’t excited that she was pregnant; for she only wanted to get this over with so she can finally pursue her teacher training and have a career soon. It was not that time where it was considered a bad luck having a girl, but hey my family probably were Virgin Mary’s neighbours. They were hoping and praying that this child better be a boy. But to me this was not known, I was a happy little healthy baby swimming in my mom’s belly dreaming to meet her and hug her very soon. It was the time she was 8 months into pregnancy, my gender was revealed and the whole family was mad on my mom, poor mommy. How can she even have her first child a girl? This was ridiculous to my family. To add more to the fire, my granny fell sick and she was in her death bed. My dad hated her, my granny wanted her to be gone and of course the relatives had to throw their two cents into despising her. She being a teenager couldn’t take it, decided to have me aborted.

My mom along with her mom, balling their eyes out go to the doctor to have her, first 8 months in the womb, healthy baby aborted, just because the baby was a girl who for sure they thought will bring bad luck into the family. Doctor yelled at the two crying ladies, to get out of the hospital because the doctor was so furious about the reason my mom gave. A month later my mom’s water broke and she went on a 12 hour labour, because God wanted my mom to hate me more, even before I came into the world.

Arthi Ratna Sabapathi - 12 Apr 1993, Coimbatore, India

I was born, guess what happened, the granny that went on her death bed sat up straight and wasn’t sick anymore the moment she was handed with me. I am the miracle baby who saved my dad’s mother (no wonder my dad loves me so much). I was this little pink bundle of joy that finally made everything alright; making my family forget my gender, which by the way they are still confused, well, so am I. I can hear you asking, what happened to the lady that gave birth to me, the mother, well she still hates me and I’m 23 now but has never touched me even once till date.

But hey, I made it here. That’s all it takes.

Stay tuned for more drama


Tharun Vignesh
Tharun Vignesh 28, Feb 2017

Do well..."the miracle baby"

Mohammed Rifaz
Mohammed Rifaz 19, Jan 2017


vijaykrissna 26, Dec 2016

A real roller coaster ride.👌👌👌

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