How to be an Asshole

13, Dec 2016

Exclusive guide: How to be an Asshole

1. When you can't stand a girl being right, assassinate her character 😑✨

2. Find her deepest dark secret, use it against her 😑✨

3. Praise her in private for her imperfection, shame in front of everyone 😑✨

4. Tell her She's awesome for being different, laugh your ass off with your friends mocking the same 😑✨

5. Call her open minded and label her a slut 😑✨

6. Team up with her doing crazy crap and deny everything later 😑✨

7. Hang out, fool around but don't show the world. Mostly, use her and keep her in the dark 😑✨

8. When the whole world is laughing at her, pretend like you've never met her 😑✨

9. Even though She agrees that She's a mess, call her names and stop talking to her 😑✨

10. Finally.. Do not change. Be the asshole you have always been 😑✨

Repeat until every single person She knows calls her a bitch and She gets nothing but suicidal thoughts every single night 😑✨

Congratulations you have now thoroughly become a pain in the ass kinda guy. Thanks.

sakthi89 20, Jan 2019


sakthi89 20, Jan 2019


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