Birth control - Why us?

17, Dec 2016

Umm why is it always the female who go through birth control procedure & not men? 😑
So you are telling me it's normal for a girl to not only go through menstrual pain, pregnancy trauma and labor pain but to induce more hormones into her body in the name of birth control, but there is not much men can do as a part of it?
When I tried Googling Birth control for men, it said - Condom/Withdrawal 😑
Google to know what CNN had to say. Depression and mood disorders were the reason the study for Men's birth control was stopped 😑 are you kidding me?

P.S: the ones who are gonna say or think I'm a hoe for posting this being unmarried.. Hey hello, Hi5 your mom on my behalf! Thanks #KBye

Venkatesh Venkatram
Venkatesh Venkatram 21, Mar 2017

The timing I read the post! probably it has been a year since u wished me for agadiyam and am now damn sure my next work on progress ll be dedicated to u sis, as it's more or less related to this post .

Tharun Vignesh
Tharun Vignesh 28, Feb 2017

Birth control is more easy n safe if it's done by's called vasectomy...actually not many are aware of its benefits(it is reversible) professionals may advice them but you would be knowing about our society that they feel as if their crown is lost...change can be brought not over night nor by single person...I support U...

Siddharth S Rajan
Siddharth S Rajan 25, Jan 2017

Men can do birth control obviously, but even if men hasn't did that he can't give birth to a child on his own right., In giving birth men are just committed but women are involved., so !!! but perhaps men can do it in effective way because they are the source of all those

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