Petrol bunk story

13, Feb 2015

Had the worst day at office until I went to fill petrol at the busiest petrol bunk near office.. 

Saw a teenager working at the place mauled by 1000s of mosquitoes. He was getting thrashings from uncles for the constant 'kosu verating' and few 'kanjoos' were demanding him to give 1re back after filling 1 litre petrol for Rs.59

I stopped my vehicle walked up to him and gave him odomos. He had no clue what it was. Only after another guy standing behind me waiting to fill petrol said it was a mosquito repellent, he agreed to get it from me. Few seconds later, all I could see was him smiling and constantly saying, "Thank you madam, Thank you madam" 

Made one person happier and this time I didn't choose me smile

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