Bae-kaandi Girls

21, Feb 2015

Brace yourself. I'm going to rant for at least two minutes about a few girls.

So let me put my "lady parts" aside and talk for a while on behalf of all the men out there. Girls being overly attached to Bae undecided

1. Checking his everyday activities

Like legit stalking. Stalking everything he does with his Facebook. Checking his likes and be like "OMG who is she? are you guys dating? No? Then why did she like your profile picture?"

2. Yelling at the late-night last seen on Whatsapp

Literally when she recieces a two minutes late reply from him, she starts singing "Yenga pona raasa..."

Poor guy is probably watching the world cup or getting his ass beaten up by his parents for the same damn thing.

3. Question after question.

He already has a mom to monitor him and you bugging him would be the last thing he would ever want in a relationship. I mean, if these little things make you feel insecure, the why be in such a relationship in the first place?

The goal is to find a guy who hangs out with his friends, chats with girls still finds you cute, parties hard yet texts or calls you and still loving you in every way possible and NOT make rules to gain trust.

How eff'ing hard can that be? Stop being jerks.

Phew.. Over.. Let me put my lady-parts back and get back to being girl.


I'm kidding. No I'm not kidding guys. Girls always think you guys are complete jerks.

Deal wit it tongue-out

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Vaishnavi G
Vaishnavi G 30, Apr 2016

Ultimate 😝

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