Women's Day wishes gone wrong

08, Mar 2015

It's so cute to see so many "Happy women's day" posts from guys on my Facebook news feed. But that is not what we women need...

How about treating your mom right?

Not telling her 'Aiyo ma Konja Po ma.. noi noi'nu nachadha (Stop it mom, don't keep nagging me)' and listen to her once..

Appreciate her cooking

Loving your sister and not fighting with her just because you have a strong masculine body?

Treating your class girls or colleagues equally and not saying 'ava solli namma kekradha macha..vidra(Why should we listen to her anywaybro?)'

Not whistling at girls walking on the road or waiting to board a bus at the bus stop

Not expecting us to wear 'RIGHT' set of clothes


When you men realise we women don't need protection but Freedom, then that would be a great Women's day wish.

Thank you :)

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