Arranged marriage atrocity

18, Mar 2015

I need to get this off my chest. How in the world is an arranged marriage better than a love marriage? 

It irks me so much to even think about it every time my mom asks me to say "YES" to outsource her the groom hunt.

All these years she has been like 'Anga yena de paarva? road'la poravana site ah? tholachuduven (Whom are you looking at? I'd beat the shit out of you)'

And now what? You are setting me up on a blind date with a random guy and want me spend the rest of my life with him forever!?

Wow. Just wow!

Listen carefully you old people. I'm not going to repeat this ever again.

No girl. Well, no Indian girl deserves this. Just because we are of the so-called right age its not your effing duty to make us get married. I've seen many failed marriages and I'm not saying every marriage fails but I'm not going to sit at some random guy's house bake some shit, take care of his parents, do his laundry and make love on the first night (another topic - dont even get me started on that one) only because he has a COMMUNITY CERTIFICATE same as mine.

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bintu 03, Feb 2018

my current situation ..they gave me one week time to say yes.

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