Altered Pant Clowns

09, Apr 2015

Guys getting their pencil fit pants altered to get more skinnier swag look undecided

Why? Just why do you guys do that?  

You are messing with the whole system. I mean I could lend you my leggings if you want.

Its not more like a legging i would say. Not even like a salwar's gathering bottom. It just looks lik a plain circus pant.

I know we gals wear a lot of weird shit but you guys used to be the classy ones. Now look at you all, crappy hair and stupid messed up clothes in the name of fashion.

Pencil fit jeans - great

Messy hair - cool

Low waist jean - ugly but kinda acceptable

But this, an altered pant? Seriously?? I'm sry if I'm wrong but this is just my opinion.

Not cool!!

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