Chop it off

07, May 2015

Hey, lovely ladies.. smile

If you are willing to support the cancer fighters, you can bring a smile on their faces who are going through a huge hardship. All you have to do is make sure your hair is 15'' long and is free from chemicals.

Neatly cut, seal your plaited hair (make sure its not wet) in a plastic bag and drop them off at

Hair for hope - India Asraya -

Healing touch, EDDC,

Near Market Jn,


Haripad - 690517 Kerla

If your hair is less than 15'' like mine and you are still willing to take a step.

Visit: Lock of Love

Fill out the form and follow the instructions.

Simple as that

P.S: Those of you guys who find this post weird because it just sounded sweet and thats not how I usually post, Hello, hi you are my best friend & you know I talk shit & keep it real, never sugar coat things.

So for y'all

You effin haters that find my hairdo annoying. Yes it was my dream. I grew it all these years just to chop it off. My mom kicked cancer's butt real hard when I was a kid and if this weird annoying hairdo of mine has put a very huge smile on her face I'm gonna make sure I do this crazy thing again.

So screw you. Being a strong woman is not that easy. Stop being a meow! Yes it's just a bunch of hair & I neither got hurt nor shed any blood but I did it. Effin deal with it or walk away

Thank You

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