Periods Crack

20, May 2015

Keep scrolling if you don't wanna read something gross and allergic to being real

There are only two types of women..

The sweet darlings and the ones on their PERIODS..

We can go from Remo to Anniyan in seconds. By the time you realize what we are, you are finished. Your girl friend / wife / girl best friend be like smiling, seeing you post your selfie commenting on how cute you look and snap she'll be yelling at you the very next minute because some random girl on your Instagram double tapped that shit.

I swear I have No idea why but I know there is a volcano erupting in her stomach. So when she's pms'ing y'all guys need to do a few simple things..

Love her but don't tell her because She thinks It's dramatic and you are probably hiding something..

Buy her chocolates but she won't eat it anyways..

Text her but don't start a long conversation

Also don't send small texts either..

Get her what She wants by magically reading her mind because she is probably going to yell at you for No effing reason at all..

Yes she'll breakup with you tonight and send you love quoted Good morning text messages the very next morning!

So basically you guys are doomed..

We are Sorry not Sorry!

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