Perks of short hair

30, May 2015

1. Getting ready takes less than 10 mins

2. No more costly shampoos and conditioners

3. Riding a bike at 80kmph without worrying about messing your hairdo

because the more messier it gets, the more cuter it looks

4. No worries about straightening, curling, ironing and ish.. Short hair No Care 

5. One hairstyle for every occassion and it suits every effin outfit

6. Can happily hangout with guy friends and nobody stares at you because you look like you are one among them

7. Nobody will be able to notice you too quickly. Hence you don't have to fake a smile

8. It takes at least a minute for the road side romeos to realise you are a girl hence no bad comments

9. People will get too busy judging your hairstyle they forget how fugly your face looks

10. You look dope

... Basically being a boy (or boy-like) is easy, less expensive and the most happiest thing to be

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