Shawl isn't Cape

06, Jun 2015

Y'all gals have one job to do while riding a bike. Just one freaking job. Hold your damn shawl!

I mean what the eff. How hard is it? It takes 20mins for me to reach office from home and I ask at least 5 women to hold their damn shawl because that shit keeps flying like some cape. It's flying so close to the wheel.

Do you have any idea how bad can you get hurt? Not just you, even the one who rides with you, people driving next to you.

Seriously ladies don't make me throw stones at you because that's the only way I can remind you morons to hold the damn thing. Next time when you get hit by a pebble or slipper from behind while driving that would be me. Stop yelling at me and hold your effing clothes. I’m not even kidding

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