I'm Skinny Fat

09, Jun 2015

Why is a person's size used to measure beauty? I'm short. Like, really short. I weigh 50kg. Now with this new hairdo, I've been receiving comments like "Oh, you are too fat to be a girl, but you are too lean to be a boy"

Seriously? I've been skinny all my life and people at my school made fun of me because I used to look like a flat screen TV. Now I've finally put on some weight and I still get to be commented? Wow.

No lies I seriously love the way I look now but these people have put their thoughts in my head now I'm sitting here thinking about all the hate comments and filling out my dance school application to lose the extras. Believe it or not it's stressing me out.

I can't imagine how skinny and over sized boys get bullied for the exact same reason. To most people find skinny men not very masculine. This not only makes them stressed but makes them feel less of themselves. How cruel. Some guys work out just to show off their abs. I came across a guy's account on Instagram and he is self obsessed! He has nothing but his shirtless pictures all over his profile like straight up "50 shades of flexing"

Y'all need to stop okay. My friends be like, “Gurl.. That is one hell of a big tummy you've got there. You need to go on diet or something”.

Nah ha bitch, I don't love you. I love me. I love food. End of story


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